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Legacy Innovation Group is a Growth Strategy and Strategic Innovation consulting firm.
We help companies tackle their big wicked growth challenges.   And become relentless innovators.
And occasionally, we put a dent in the universe.

We founded the firm on the premise that strategic innovation,  when used properly, will accelerate the growth of your business, and will do so in a way that makes it both relevant to the world today and resilient to long term changes in its external realities.

What is strategic innovation?   Strategic innovation is about the ongoing discovery of emerging market needs, the proper use of technologies and business models, and the delivery of products and services that create entirely new customer experiences.   The pursuit of strategic innovation demands several things, including a culture that embraces uncertainty and change, a solid innovation–driven growth strategy, a very forward–looking insights process, and strategically managed product and service development.

Our roots lie in Strategy, Strategic Marketing, Design Thinking, Brand Experience, and Product Development.

Arising out of those roots, our signature approach blends a selection of high–yield methods that connect businesses and brands with promising new opportunities.   On the needfinding and opportunity-scouting side, we blend Trends Research with Insights Mining and Strategic Inquiry to reveal and validate emerging new market needs.   On the capitalization side, we blend Business Model Design with Customer Experience Design and Brand Strategy to deliver compelling new experiences that engage customers more deeply with brands.   And in the area of commercialization, we connect companies with both organic and inorganic routes to market.   We believe this unique blend of methods yields the highest return for any given investment in growth and innovation.

Ultimately, we recognize that the ongoing relevance of any business hinges on delivering a constant stream of great value to the marketplace.   For this reason, we work hard to help our clients deliver meaningful innovations to their markets, and to do so over the long haul.   Our aim is to help our clients continuously connect insights in such a way that they create a legacy of innovation that carries them deep into the future.

To guide our work, we have developed a complete suite of complimentary strategic innovation tools, and have developed a body of practice around each element of this toolset — a toolset we have used quite literally around the world.   We bring the knowledge and experience your business needs to leverage innovation to drive its journey toward relevance, growth, and long-term resilience.

If you are ready to think — and act — differently about business, then give us a call.   We want to help your business become increasingly relevant and grow to its fullest potential as a market leader.

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Legacy Innovation Group is headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, centrally located between Chicago and Detroit.

Grand Rapids is home to ArtPrize®, the world's largest and most innovative international art competition.   Part arts festival and part social experiment, ArtPrize's radically open approach to entry and judging is unorthodox, highly disruptive, and undeniably intriguing.

Southwest Michigan is also a hub for Industrial Design and Product Innovation, anchored by some of the world's largest companies in industries like office furniture, medical technology, consumer appliances, and automotive.

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