At Legacy Innovation Group, there's never a dull moment (though there is time to think). We stay busy delivering a wide range of insights and services to our clients. And every now and then, we stop, pause, and look around to see who's out there that might just augment our team.

In general, we're always interested in great talent, particularly when that talent combines solid education and experience with a propensity for observing, questioning, experimenting, networking, and associating (and yes, all the restlessness that comes with these). We look for people who see the world a little differently, who thrive on Socratic questioning, and who aren't afraid to challenge the status quo (but who also know how to work as a team). If you think this is you, and you've got some real business or innovation chops you want to tell us about, feel free to drop us a line at We'd love to hear from you.

Our Current Needs

All positions are based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Training & Workshop Facilitator (Part Time)

We're looking for an articulate communicator who is confident to get up in front of people and lead them through our workshops and training courses. Prior experience is not necessary, but total confidence is. We will teach you all of the content for our workshops and training; what you have to bring is the experiential background and the intellectual capacity to be able to put these into a context and fully comprehend them. Other skills you have may prove useful as well. International travel will likely be involved.

Researcher / Research Coordinator (part time)

We're looking for a strong and versatile research specialist. This person will be responsible for an incredibly wide array of tasks, from secondary research (mostly web crawling), to going to trade shows and asking lots of very targeted questions (to get at a particular need), to primary user–research fieldwork (ethnography, contextual inquiry, interviews), and certain types of design research around product usage and service receipt. There is also a certain amount of light–duty online qual and quant market research. Where the market research starts to get heavy, this person will coordinate with our outside market research partners to conceive, develop, help design, and otherwise oversee the research and its findings. A background in user, design, and/or qualitative market research would be very applicable. Critical thinking skills and a love for asking great questions are musts to be successful in this role. International travel will likely be involved.

Graphic Designer (part time)

We're looking for a Graphic Designer to call our own, for when the needs arise… someone with lots of experience designing logos, infographics, training materials, booklets, presentations, and web pages… someone who may have other gigs going on, but who can be consistently available for us when we need them. Drop us a line if this is you, and be sure to share your portfolio with us.

Marketing Specialist (part time)

We're looking for a capable Marketing Specialist who knows how to take the ball and run with it, in terms of driving effective ongoing marketing efforts. This includes content management and maintenance of the web site (e.g. news, blogs, and routine updates), social media campaigns (Twitter, LinkedIn, & Google+), newsletters, indirect lead generation, and helping to field incoming calls. It may also involve attending trade shows to help represent Legacy Innovation Group (potentially including international trade shows). If you are this person and can show us how you've done these things to great effect in the past, then please drop us a line, we would love to hear from you.


Just curious and want to learn more?
We'd be happy to try to schedule a coffee or lunch (or call) sometime to hear about your goals and see how they might mesh with ours.



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