The Legacy Innovation "ethos" encompasses those things which make us uniquely who we are.

Here you will learn about our vision, our name, our logo, our philosophy, our beliefs, our culture, our values.


Our vision is to become the world's most recognized and desired partner of choice for companies — anywhere in the world — who are serious about using innovation purposefully to make or remake themselves, their brands, and their offerings into something worthy of the world's attention.

We come alongside organizations as a true partner, and together we seek to change the organization, its relationships with its markets, and its impact upon the world. Together, we strive to change the world. Together, we put a dent in the universe.

Everything we do, we do for this reason. And whether great or small, everything we do has meaning because of this.

This is who we are, and who we will become.


The name "Legacy Innovation Group" reflects our reason for existing… to help our clients "create a legacy of innovation the world will remember".

It also reflects our commitment to changing the business world by making businesses more human, purposeful, and innovative.

We do this by helping each client challenge their status quo through our unique approach to strategic innovation. Everything we do is focused on this one aim.


Our logo — the work of internationally recognized Indonesian designer Adi Garnida Kusumadinata — reflects an exercise in thoughtful design.

Our reason for existing is to help businesses create a legacy of innovation the world will remember. Our logo captures all three of these major themes… "legacy", "innovation", and "the world".

The stylized "L" reflects both the word and concept of "legacy", while the fact that it completely enwraps the earth symbolizes the idea that a legacy is enduring. Next, the abrupt stop and turn that occurs at the bottom of the "L" reflects the imagery of disruption, as in "disruptive innovation"… its course is stopped abruptly and completely altered to a new direction. Finally, the image of the earth reflects the concept of "the world". Together, these elements capture the imagery of "a legacy of innovation the world will remember" in one concise, distinctive logo.


Organizationally, many processes that have evolved to deal with scale are broken. They attempt to substitute efficiency for useful creativity and thoughtfulness. They rob us of the room to breathe and stretch… to discover and respond to new market insights. When examined in the long run, they produce only suboptimal results at best. Businesses must remain focused on what ultimately matters, which is the enduring value they bring to the marketplace and they must renew constantly to justify their continued existence. They must strive to create a legacy of innovation the world will remember. Accordingly, our philosophy reflects the fundamental, underlying truths of worthwhile innovation, the essence of which is simply this… to focus on what is important, and not waste energy on those things that will not advance the legacy of your business.

These four tenets capture the essence of that philosophy:

  • Substance is more important than form. / Great substance with beautiful form is a very compelling thing.
  • Quality is more important than quantity. / Quality and quantity can together deliver substantial value.
  • Working smarter wins out over working harder. / Working smart and hard lets companies change the world.
  • Being right is more important than being first. / Being right and being first is always a great place to be.


We believe that the world remains saddled with an incredible number of unsolved problems. And as we continue to develop and use new technologies, we continue to shed new light on previously unseen problems, while simultaneously raising the bar on where solution deficiencies lie. We see these challenges as opportunities waiting to be addressed by resourceful businesses who understand the idea of elevating customer experience.

We believe that the world has adequate intelligence and resources to take on these challenges, even as they are evolving. But it takes two things to do this… the willpower to pursue the opportunities lying at the feet of these challenges, and the right process for fostering the birth of innovation. This is where strategic innovation comes into play. Therefore…

We believe that strategic innovation — properly executed — will accelerate business growth.

We believe that there is incredible beauty in bringing new value and experiences to customers, whether they be individual consumers or other businesses. We believe that this beauty is greatly enhanced when good design is applied to the result.

We hold that, with concerted effort, this ideal of innovation and beauty can be realized everywhere and that, as a result, the entire world can prosper as one.


Our culture is one that constantly seeks to draw in knowledge, understanding, and insights of the world around us, with its constantly shifting cultural, technological, business, and geopolitical landscapes. This is a process of assimilation and deconstruction.

Our culture seeks to use these insights as a springboard for creative thinking around game–changing innovations and new business opportunities. This is a process of reconstruction – one done in the context of conceiving new ways of solving problems and meeting needs.

This way of living that calls for constant assimilation, deconstruction, and reconstruction reflects the core process of Appreciative Inquiry. Assimilation is "learning through observation".

Deconstruction is "evaluating causalities through the testing of hypotheses". Reconstruction is "the imagining of new possibilities through creation". Because we live this way each day, it becomes an ingrained part of our culture.

To this end, we extend to our culture the liberty to be what it needs to be in order to encourage and promote this process of assimilation, deconstruction, and reconstruction. It is a naturally curious one. It is organic, human, experiential, and creative, striving always to liberate creative thought rather than stifle it. It recognizes that substance triumphs over form, and that quality is more important than quantity. It is a culture that would rather do one thing with excellence than ten things with mediocrity. It is a culture that nurtures and inherently gives birth to sustainable and profitable innovation.


There are six things we value and take seriously. These are those six things:

Purpose / Have Purpose

We hold that businesses need to have a clear sense of purpose, that their people need to know what that purpose is, and that they need to let the world know what that purpose is. Purpose drives passion, focus, and accountability. For this reason, we have a purpose and we let the world know what it is.

Integrity / Demand Integrity

Being true to your purpose demands integrity. To us, that means, as a business, you say what you do and you do what you say. Walking the walk carries a lot bigger punch than talking the talk.

Excellence / Pursue Excellence

It would be very hard to be serious about purpose and not be serious about excellence. The two go hand in hand… if one is serious about their purpose, they tend to be serious about their pursuit of excellence. We certainly are. So, while perfection is not attainable, excellence is, and we value and embrace this pursuit. We also like working with others who value this pursuit.

Courage / Demonstrate Courage

None of the big innovations in our world would have come about had someone not had the courage to put aside the old order of things and boldly step forward into a new order of things – often a new order of their own making. We believe that all organizations must have the courage to embrace the uncertainty that lies before them so that they can continuously birth a brave new world.

Imagination / Use Imagination

Creativity is one thing. Imagination is another thing altogether. Real inspiration – and real business growth – require imagination, even childlike imagination. Too often, as businesses grow, they lose their imagination along the way. To us, it is important to never lose your imagination. Facts and physics are there to inform us and to give us constructs to work around, but not to constrain us. We must make them our servant, not our master, and certainly not the master of our imaginations. We believe that imagination and creativity both must be nurtured in a holistic manner, serving the whole person, and the whole organization. This means weaving opportunities for imagination into the many facets of our work and lives.

Dignity / Practice Dignity

We hold human dignity – and the dignity of all living things – in the highest regard. Everything we do must pass through the filter of whether or not it upholds and promotes our ideals of human dignity. We believe that human dignity derives from the spark of the Divine that is a part of everyone of us.

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