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As part of our Management Practice, we offer consulting services focused on the integration of innovation methods into the operational fabric of businesses.

These are aimed at giving your business the foundations, structures, processes, and supporting tools needed to institutionalize innovation as a core competency and sustain that capability over the long haul.

The seven areas of Process Consulting are:

  1. Corporate Innovation — We custom design a Corporate Innovation program tailored to your business.   Each design begins with your current level of innovation maturity and then examines the challenges facing your business in the context of its industry and markets.   From there, we leverage the eighteen elements of the Responsive Innovation Engine Architecture to design the foundations, structures, processes, metrics, roles, and enablers that empower your organization to embark on a journey of sustained innovation and growth.

  2. Innovation Management — We custom design an Innovation Management system tailored to your business.   Each design begins with an assessment of what you currently have and then carefully examines your organization to understand how to best structure, operate, and integrate effective Innovation Management practices.   We use the Market Stream IM System as the basis for designing the strategies, structures, processes, and roles that will produce the results your company needs to drive growth across a range of opportunities and time frames.

  3. Intrapreneurship — We custom design programs that let businesses tap into the power of their internal entrepreneurs.   Drawing from elements of the Responsive Innovation Engine Architecture, we tailor the mechanisms of engagement that give your workers the opportunity they desire to explore, experiment, and otherwise advocate for their ideas.   When the passion of intrapreneurs is combined with sound business acumen, this can yield lucrative opportunities that companies might otherwise have never pursued.

  4. Open Innovation — We custom design programs that let businesses tap into the power of external networks.   Drawing from our involvement in the broader OI community and our knowledge of the methods, processes, systems, and infrastructures in place for facilitating Open Innovation, we tailor programs for your business that enable it to tap into open sources for both opportunity–spotting and solution–finding.

  5. Portfolio Management & Phase–Gate Management — We custom design both Portfolio Management and Phase–Gate Management processes that empower companies to optimize the flow and caliber of their innovation throughputs.   Drawing from our knowledge and experience in both of these areas, we tailor processes that fit the specific needs, structure, and operation of your business, ensuring it can drive the right portfolio choices and the right gating decisions to optimize its long term business performance.

  6. Workplace Experience — We completely rework the "workplace experience" of businesses to turn them into 21st Century innovation machines.   This begins with a deep assessment of the business… leadership, culture, structures, processes, market engagement, learning methods, HR policies, and so forth.   Then we use the points of reference laid out in the Experiential Workplace Framework to remake your company into a purpose–driven enterprise capable of engaging a new generation of professionals with a mission they can own and with tools that resonate with them so they can take your business to the next level.

  7. Innovation Spaces — We custom design working spaces for companies that enable their individuals, small teams, and larger groups to work and interact in ways that promote the types of thinking and collaboration needed for each situation.   This helps to produce innovative outcomes for the business.   Starting with your goals in mind, and drawing from the Dynannova Design Guide, we create new types of spaces with the right mix of yin and yang to get innovation done in fresh new ways.

To learn more about engaging us for Process Consulting services, refer to our Management Engagement page.
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