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We offer a broad suite of services relating to Growth Strategy and Strategic Innovation.

Our service model is divided into three practice areas — Discovery, Design, and Management.
Each of these brings different elements of strategic innovation to bear on a particular business challenge.

Many of our engagements involve some combination of all three, such that any one project might include certain aspects of research, certain aspects of design, and certain aspects of advising.   Our Core Services can thus be thought of as the toolbox of capabilities we draw from to deliver on a variety of client outcomes.

Because we serve clients from all over the world in a broad range of sizes and industries, our services are tailored according to the specific needs of each client.


  • INSIGHTS RESEARCH  —  We undertake five types of research to produce the insights and findings our clients need for use in a variety of decision points in their business.

  • MARKET PROFILING  —  We undertake research and analysis into specific markets and trends so as to gain a deep, detailed understanding of a particular market of interest.

  • OPPORTUNITY SCOUTING  —  We undertake research and analysis into the opportunity space around a business – to explore and uncover both currently untapped opportunities and future potential opportunities.

  • SCENARIO PLANNING & STRESS TESTING  —  We undertake an analysis of several possible and likely future scenarios to establish what might be the consequences of certain actions and from this recommend an optimal path forward.   We also stress test specific strategies, brands, and offerings to help future–proof them for possible scenarios.


  • BUSINESS MODEL DESIGN  —  We leverage our know–how in business model design to develop completely new business models that redefine how value and experiences are created, delivered, consumed, and monetized, staking entirely new grounds in markets.

  • GO–TO–MARKET STRATEGY  —  We leverage our powerful collection of GTM tools to craft solid GTM strategies that enable our clients to successfully operationalize new businesses, launch new brands, and commercialize new offerings.

  • BRAND STRATEGY PLAYBOOK  —  We put our highly-regarded brand strategy skills to work developing comprehensive brand strategies and activation tactics designed to achieve successful penetration of new or existing brands, and actuation of new markets.

  • EXPERIENCE DESIGN  —  We apply our meticulous design skills to the design of truly thoughtful experiences – both Customer Experiences and Business Experiences – that ensure both a business' value proposition and its business model deliver the best possible experiences on both sides of the table.

  • PRODUCT INNOVATION DESIGN  —  Using our strategic approach to product development, and applying fresh market insights, we develop product innovations that move the product space measurably forward by delivering the specific attributes needed to create unique and compelling product experiences.

  • SERVICE INNOVATION DESIGN  —  Using our strategic approach to service design, and applying fresh market insights, we develop service innovations that move the service space measurably forward by delivering the specific attributes needed to create unique and compelling service experiences.




  • CORPORATE INNOVATION  —  We custom design enterprise–wide innovation programs that enable organizations to make innovation a core, sustainable strategic competency.

  • INNOVATION MANAGEMENT  —  We custom design formal innovation management systems that enable businesses to manage a funnel and pipeline of new innovation opportunities for sustained long-term innovation output.

  • INTRAPRENEURSHIP  —  We help clients establish the venues and events they need to engage their organizations and unleash the breakthrough power of their internal entrepreneurs — those souls with Innovator's DNA coursing through their veins.

  • OPEN INNOVATION  —  We guide clients in exploring and evaluating the many opportunities and venues available for tapping into open innovation, to find those best suited to their business.

  • PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT & PHASE–GATE MANAGEMENT  —  We help clients develop and implement portfolio–management and phase–gate practices best suited to their business and its innovation pipeline.

  • WORKPLACE EXPERIENCE  —  We help clients transform their workplaces, moving them toward proven practices that create the cultures and environments critical for sustained innovation and business growth.

  • INNOVATION SPACES  —  We lead the design of physical spaces for innovation and collaboration that are capable of maximizing an organization's creativity, collaboration, sharing, and – ultimately – its innovation productivity.



  • MOONWALKS  —  We lead business executives on multiday excursions to expose them to a broad range of new stimuli and insights like lectures, expert discussions, debate panels, documentary-viewing, unusual place tours, exploratory trips, and so on, in order to open their eyes and minds to what is going on around them at the bleeding edge of many fields.

  • EXECUTIVE IDEATION  —  We lead a business' top leaders in focused working sessions that challenge them to critically examine the business and the assumptions underlying it in order to reimagine new possibilities around what might be the next stage for the business, particularly in light of impending structural changes ahead.

  • BUSINESS MODEL EXPEDITION  —  We lead a business' leaders through a 3-stage business model innovation process in the pursuit of new business models that reconnect the business and its markets in entirely new ways, including new ways of delivering and monetizing value in those markets.

  • STRATEGIC INQUIRY  —  We lead client teams on a collaborative 3-part studio/field-work Discovery-Driven Innovation journey aimed at uncovering and validating new insights and conceiving completely new ideas and opportunities for engaging your markets with new innovation.

  • FRONTLINE INNOVATION WORKSHOP  —  We lead a business' frontline management and staff in hands-on / minds-on workshops that challenge them to critically examine specific areas of the business and their underlying assumptions in order to brainstorm possible new solutions for the business.

To learn more about engaging us for any of these services, refer to our Engagement Page.
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