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Our Discovery Practice has as its core aim figuring out two things — "what's next" for your business, and how you're going to get there.

The fundamental task of our Discovery work is insights–mining — unearthing fresh, new insights about external market realities and internal business realities that are relevant to your business and its unique challenges.   It is at the intersection of these insights that we connect seemingly unrelated bits of truth to create an impactful new mosaic of market relevance — a mosaic that has practical value for your business and its growth needs.

We call this "connecting the dots", and it's what lies at the heart of our Discovery–Driven Innovation work.   It is a skill we have developed over the course of many years through repeated use of the five traits of innovators — questioning, observing, experimenting, networking, and associating.

As a growth strategy firm, our value lies not only in our ability to conduct insights research, but in our ability to deeply analyze the findings and create effective strategies from them.   We can apply this skill to tackling the really broad, hard questions your business has, or to answering the most laser–focused questions it has.   We invite you to bring us your toughest questions relating to growth needs.   We are confident we can figure out a path to great insights and relevant answers.   Moreover, we know how to ensure our answers are good for not only today, but for tomorrow as well (the strategic innovation philosophy requires this of us).

The Discovery Practice is made up of insights research, four types of research analysis, and a collection of five unique workshops and events:
  1. Insights Research — We undertake five types of research for clients.   With different research tools for different purposes, these are capable of generating primary and secondary information that reveal relevant new insights for the business.   These are actionable, and can be used to drive a variety of decision points in the business, including the formulation of new market, brand, and product strategies.

  2. Market Profiling — We undertake research and analysis into specific markets and their pertinent trends.   This is designed to provide a deep, detailed understanding of the particular market and ideally reveal where new opportunities lie.   The findings can be used to formulate a new or freshened market strategy, or to decide on whether or not to enter a particular market as a growth maneuver.

  3. Opportunity Scouting — We undertake research and analysis around a business — including how things are changing around it within its current and adjacent markets, and its extended resources and capabilities — in order to uncover both currently untapped and future potential opportunity spaces for the business to pursue.

  4. Scenario Planning & Stress Testing — We map out any number of possible and potentially likely future scenarios for a particular market space.   For each scenario, we then evaluate the likely consequences of certain actions so that, from this, we can formulate an optimal "bottom-up" strategy.   Alternatively, we can "stress test" proposed "top-down" strategies against the various future scenarios in order to help further future-proof them.

All of our Discovery work is underpinned by five types of insights research.   These are:

  1. Trends Research
  2. Secondary Research
  3. User & Design Research ("Low-Fidelity" Qualitative Primary Research)
  4. "High-Definition" Qualitative Primary Research
  5. Quantitative Primary Research

See our Insights Research Section for more details.

Our Discovery Practice provides a foundation for the process of Discovery–Driven Innovation.

In its broadest form, Discovery–Driven Innovation weaves together work from both our Discovery and Design Practices to create new foundations of value for businesses.

To learn more about engaging us for any of these services, refer to our Discovery Engagement page.
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