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Design Engagement

Legacy Innovation Group's Design Practice entails:

Engaging us for Design work is a straightforward process.   It involves four steps.


You can do this in any one of several ways.   Take a look at our Contact page, or see the contact details below.
We welcome all new and returning clients.


We will arrange a discussion to explore your business needs and the ways in which we can address those.   In this discussion we will explore the project's objectives and attempt to capture in detail the associated requirements.   The primary matters we generally cover include:

  • Client Profile — Everything you can share with us about your business, your market(s), your brand(s), your competitor(s), your SWOT profile, your history, and so forth.

  • Project Brief — Details of the engagement, including the challenges you are encountering and the specific outcomes you desire from our work together.

  • Business + Brand + Offering Profile — If the project entails the creation of a new business, brand, and/or product (service), we capture the goals of what you seek to create.   For products and services, this includes the general nature of the offering, its use cases, its user profile, its functional and regulatory requirements, sought–after design characteristics and/or user–experience characteristics, proposed underlying technologies, planned sales and marketing channels, intended sourcing & production plan, affiliated brand considerations, upfront work you may have already completed, the work to be completed by us, your timeline, your development budget, and more.

All information discussed is held in strict confidentiality.
If desired, we can execute with you our standard Mutual Non–Disclosure Agreement or your company's equivalent NDA.


After our Needs Exploration meeting (and any subsequent clarification required), we will prepare and present to you a Project Proposal.   This proposal will document the scope of the proposed project (which services will be provided by Legacy Innovation Group and its network, and their associated outcomes), the general timeline for the project, and the proposed budget for the project.   Depending on the scope of the project, this proposal may take some time to develop as we involve our partners in its development.

Since we undertake product and service development projects in the context of the managed Emergent NPD Process, the project proposal will be structured in phases (up to 8 phases), with an itemization outlining the services to be rendered at each phase, together with the estimated timeline and cost for each phase.   In this way, we work with clients in a controlled, phased fashion such that the project meets their expectations at each phase before proceeding to the next phase.

If at any time a client were to realize that continued development of a particular offering is not going to support their broader business goals in the way (or to the extent) they had originally envisioned, the process can be halted or redirected as they feel is appropriate.   This allows our work to enmesh with whatever phase–gate development process the client may employ.


Once we have refined the project proposal to your satisfaction, it is simply a matter of indicating your acceptance of the proposal.   From there we will arrange the necessary logistics and begin our work together.


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