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The Experiential Workplace Framework The Experiential Workplace Framework (XWP) is Legacy Innovation Group's proprietary framework for workplace innovation — also known as management innovation.

We created this framework because we believe the time has come for organizations to overturn 100 years of "modern management" and recreate their businesses in ways that address today's challenge of unleashing human potential.   XWP delivers on that challenge.   It completely reinvents the platform for human and business accomplishment by radically redefining how we mobilize people and resources for more productive and creative ends.   It liberates your business to do things and go places it never could have before.

XWP contains incredibly powerful insights culled from our years of study and observation around organizations and current trends.


The XWP Framework is structured into three main areas of practice, known as Mandates… the Corporate Mandates, the Market Mandates, and the People Mandates.   These three mandates are fundamental to developing a true innovation–minded business culture.


The Corporate Mandates are made up of five (5) mandates that rethink the very core and soul of the organization.   They call for ways of operating internally that will ensure the long–term resilience and ongoing relevance of any company.   And they reflect a fundamental shift toward a Customer Culture – one which has a purpose that is first and foremost focused on delivering customer value.

XWP begins by tackling the foundational bedrock of every company's culture… its purpose and vision — that which allows it to make meaning of its work as it pushes forward toward some larger goal.   These statements of purpose and vision must be distilled with the right motives and insights, and must be communicated both deeply and broadly if they are to have the linchpin effect on the culture they need to have.

  • Purpose — Giving Deep, Core Meaning and Significance to Our Work
  • Vision — Focusing on the Long–term Aims to Make It Worth Sticking Around For

XWP demands a wakeup call.   Several decades ago, it became fashionable for businesses to talk about maximizing shareholder value.   The world has now come to see – with years of hindsight behind us – the narrow, short–term focus that drove and the suboptimal results it produced — for everyone.   It steered the vision away from the true source of value–transaction, the customer.   XWP demands a reordering of these values and a concurrent focus on the long–term value delivered to markets.

  • A New Locus of Value — Customer First (Value Recipient)  /  Company Second (Value Deliverer)  /  Shareholder Third (Value Benefactor)
  • A Renewed Focus on the Patient Long–term Evolution of New Value Delivery in Sync With Market Trajectories

XWP demands a complete shift in how we think about what companies are and how they operate.   This is where we force companies to grow up and become places of wholeness, innovation, and growth from the inside out, recognizing their contributors for the creative adults they are. This is where we create The Human Workplace.

  • Being a Community, Not a Company
  • Having a Culture Code That Drives "Citizenship" — Increasing Trust & Reducing Fear
  • Using Values in Place of Rules — Humanizing the Language of Business
  • Running Flat — Lateral vs. Vertical Accountability, Eliminating the Need for Hierarchy, Bureaucracy, and Command–based Control
  • Leveraging the Great Advantages of Diversity
  • Opening the Doors — Retooling for an Open and Borderless World
  • Remaining Open to the Change Happening All Around Us — Constantly Redefining Problems & Challenges Into New Opportunities
  • Embracing Intelligent Experimentation & Constrained Failure as Methods of Learning

The XWP philosophy extends to how we think about the organizational processes around us.   Some of these — the "left–brain" practices in particular — can be broken and run counter to what are needed for an effective and experiential workplace.   Companies must be diligent in ensuring they are not achieving short–term efficiency gains at the expense of long–term effectiveness.   There is one left–braining practice that should be actively promoted however… analytics — know thyself and thy customer!

  • Process Standardization for Repeat Execution — A Great Place for Automation
  • Process Optimization — Ensuring Limited and Balanced Application
  • Business and Market Analytics — Expand Organically and Use Liberally Everywhere You Can

XWP embraces those practices that tap into the creative, dot–connecting power of the human mind and each person's particular base of experience.   In particular, it puts to great practical use such practices as questioning, imagination, empathy, analogy, and associativity.

  • The Role of Questioning
  • The Role of Empathy
  • The Role of Analogy
  • The Role of Associativity
  • The Role of Imagination
  • The Role of Creativity


The Market Mandates are made up of four (4) mandates that rethink how organizations interact with the outside world so that they remain in a perpetual state of learning and adaptation.   It is only by doing these things that the organization can remain deeply attuned to markets and able to consistently deliver relevant value to the marketplace.

XWP mandates that organizations be deeply embedded with both their own markets and with broader markets such that their "senses" are "always on"… constantly listening, watching, and feeling for shifts and changes in the world around them that will spell new opportunity.

  • Listening Acutely — Hearing All the Voices Around Us
  • Tasting Engagement — Turning our Customers Into a Community
  • Feeling For Our Customers — Making Customer–Centric Thinking Our Way of Life
  • Seeing The World Differently — Always Seeking to Redefine the Problem
  • Sniffing Out Nascent Market Opportunities — Always Asking "What's Next?"

XWP redefines the soul and tempo of the organization, giving it a new hunger around rapid learning and rapid doing, as well as a new way of thinking about how to create organizational memory.

  • Rapid Learning Models — A Hunger to Learn & Know More Faster
  • Rapid Execution Models — A Propensity for Action and a Bias for Speed
  • Organizational Memory — The Right Ways to Build and Use Organizational Memory

XWP dictates a philosophy of constant and rapid learning achieved through repeated and informed experimentation, as learning progresses through action.   It requires that the practice of constant experimentation become ingrained into the core fabric of work.

  • Business Experiments — Trying New Business Models With the Freedom to Fail (Headroom) and the Space to Fail (Elbow Room)
  • Skunkworks — Offering Places to Pursue Radical Opportunities
  • Internal Lean Startups — Leveraging MVP Concepts for Rapid Learning
  • New Venture Pursuits — Prioritizing and Pursuing These for Constant Business Reinvention

XWP requires that independent teams and contributors be given the platform and "space" to champion their own experiments, empowering the organization to learn things it might not otherwise.   These can turn out be the next real opportunity.

  • Communities of Passion — Building Venues With a Democracy of Information to Talk About Our Markets' Biggest Challenges
  • Intrapreneuring — Having the Freedom and the Venue to Pursue Independent Ideas / Encouraging the Dissenters
  • Business Plan Competitions & Shark Tanks — Bringing the VC World Inhouse
  • Maker Labs — Having the Facilities and Resources to Rapidly Prototype New Ideas


The People Mandates are made up of six (6) mandates that hit the "reset button" on how individuals and teams are used, engaged, and treated inside of organizations.   These mandates move companies from the industrial age to the information age and finally allow them to treat the organization's participants like the adults they are.

XWP demands a complete shift in how we think about the "employee" / company relationship.   Companies must cease to act as though they own and control their contributors, and instead treat them as they would free agents.

  • Citizenship, Not Employment — The New Paradigm for Empowerment That Drives Ownership of The Mission
  • Freemployee — The New Model of Many Paths to Engagement
  • The Death of Titles — Eliminating an Artificial Barrier
  • Rebalancing Organizational Structures Across Functions & Roles — Eliminating Another Artificial Barrier

XWP requires that companies allow for organic models of team formation and regulation, recognizing that contributors want to team, and that they be provided with the venues and environments to do so properly.   XWP requires that teams be structured for outcomes  rather than by inputs,  meaning the existence of functional silos is to cease altogether.

  • Outcome–Based Project Teams — Silos Must Die
  • Self–Forming Teams With "Natural", Flexible Hierarchies — A New Model for Collaborative Productivity
  • Self–Regulating Teams — A New Model for Organic Accountability

XWP completely reconceives the whole notion of work time, understanding that in order to move organizations forward we can no longer afford to think in divisional paradigms such as "work–life balance", but must think in holistic paradigms such as "work–life integration".   As such, XWP demands that individuals be given complete autonomy over their time and that traditional time structures be retired altogether.

  • Work–Life Integration — The New Paradigm for Holistic Time–Based Engagement
  • Work Time Autonomy for Individuals — The Temporal Element of Work–Life Integration
  • Meeting Rationalization — Promoting the Healthy and Proper Use of Meeting Time

Just as XWP dictates that individuals be given autonomy over their time, it likewise mandates that teams be given complete autonomy over their work locations, while also being provided access to  effective environments for facilitating their work and fostering its best outcomes.

  • Work Location Autonomy for Teams — The Spatial Element of Work–Life Integration
  • Work Space Design — Having Access to the Best Environments for Creating, Collaborating, and Innovating
    (per the Dynamics of Innovation Model)

XWP dictates that pigeon–holing be eliminated, and that individuals be given full latitude over the depth, breadth, and timing of their skill development, as well as deployment of particular skills.   Skill utilization no longer happens by mandate, but by interest and desire.

  • The Death of Pigeon–Holing — Specialization For Those Who Want It, When They Want It
  • The Stitch–Shaped Person — Enlarging the Frame of Management Education for a New Age of Skill Development
  • Leveraging the "Re–Makers" — Using Their Power to Remake Themselves to Remake Businesses

"Career development" is one of the most broken pieces of modern corporate life, the notion of the traditional "career" itself being anchored in an industrial economy viewpoint, not an information economy viewpoint.   XWP turns this on its head and completely rethinks the entire concept of "career", paving the way for an entirely new conceptualization of something that celebrates individual ability and rewards those who strive to weave a path of breadth punctuated with multiple points of depth.

  • Periodic Reinvention — The New Paradigm for Meaningful Career Paths
  • Pay Equity and Reward Mechanisms — Eliminating the Demotivator
  • Ongoing Organic & Holistic Review — The Demise of the Annual Performance Review
  • Outcome–Based Career Advancement (What You Do and Accomplish) — The Death of Role–Based Career Advancement
    (What a Title Purportedly Says About You).


XWP provides the basis for our consulting work in Workplace Experience.   To learn more, please see our Workplace Experience Consulting page, or to engage us in this capacity, refer to our Management Practice Engagement page.

XWP also provides the basis for our Workplace Experience training course.   To learn more, please see our Workplace Experience Training page, or to engage us in this capacity, refer to our Management Practice Engagement page.

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