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Because our innovation methods, and the consulting services we offer around them, are universally applicable, we are able to apply them to each unique challenge regardless of industry or market.   As a result, our work is industry and market agnostic, and subsequently we find ourselves serving all manner of organizations from practically every corner of industry.   This requires us to be fast learners, ramping up quickly on each challenge.

Likewise, our trends insights, together with our exposure to new markets and industries, enables us to transfer knowledge broadly from one industry to another while remaining focused on the issues salient to each market.   The languages we speak around business, design, technology, marketing, and organizational performance are in fact universal across the entire business world.

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We serve a broad array of clients… some of the world's leading Fortune 100 businesses, several startups that are still under wraps, and a growing list of mid-size enterprises pursuing a journey of leadership into the future.

As such, our clients cover a breadth of industries, markets, sizes, and global locations.

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Legacy Innovation Group has helped a lot of businesses figure out either "what's next" for them (and all the details thereof) or "how do we go about" consistently figuring out what's next for ourselves.

Here we have begun a collection of those stories.   As time goes on (and confidentiality allows), we will be adding many more.   We hope you enjoy reading these stories as much as we enjoyed making them.

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