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Legacy Innovation Group brings a rich mosaic of experiences, tools, and capabilities to our work…

  • Extensive experience serving an incredibly broad array of industries.
  • Constantly refreshed insights around business trends, market trends, design trends, and technology trends — and how these can be connected to synthesize new business innovations.
  • A world-class collection of growth and innovation tools — our Methods & Processes.
  • A thoughtfully designed portfolio of consulting services that enable us to empower our clients to take their businesses to the next level and turn their markets on their heads.

As a result, we can be found working in practically every industry and every market, with companies of all sizes and shapes.   Both our innovation methods and our experience–driven design methods are universally applicable regardless of the industry or market.   And likewise with the services we wrap around them.

In fact, we do not like artificial boundaries.   So we intentionally set out to make ourselves industry and market agnostic… not limited to any one particular industry or market.   And that has served both us and our clients incredibly well.   It allows us to bring added value to our clients' challenges because we can often come in and highlight ways in which similar things are being done in other industries, opening new avenues to innovation for the client.

Just as importantly, our broader insights around emerging trends in business, markets, design, and technology, together with our constant exposure to new markets and industries, enables us to transfer knowledge broadly from one industry to another while remaining focused on those issues salient to each market.

In the end, we are able to help our clients tackle the big, audacious growth and innovation challenges unique to their situation.

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