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The Innovation–Driven
New Product Development (NPD) Course

Training in New Product Development

Organizations need to understand what makes for successful new product development — particularly where new innovations are involved — and how that has to come together to create maximum commercial success.   Maximum commercial success must be the goal of all NPD innovations.

This 2 day course is designed to give participants an understanding of the disciplines that make product and service innovations most successful (including how and why), and how to implement those disciplines effectively within their organization.   The course introduces participants to the Emergent NPD Process (E/NPD) as a holistic and integrated framework for innovation–driven NPD.   E/NPD provides an engaging and memorable paradigm for learning and internalizing the concepts of NPD innovation.

This course is well–suited to all staff across the organization.

The Innovation–Driven NPD Training Engagement typically follows these steps:

  1. We begin by listening to you in order to understand your NPD and innovation objectives, as well as your current strengths and weaknesses in NPD and innovation.
  2. We then tailor our Innovation–Driven NPD Course to those objectives and deliver it to the assigned staff.
    This course can be tailored to executive, management, and line staffs as needed.
  3. We follow up by offering post–training support for subsequent questions that may arise.

To learn more about engaging us for training in Innovation–Driven New Product Development, refer to our Training & Workshop Engagement page.
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