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Market Profiling

In the course of hunting for new growth opportunities, there is often the need to develop a deeper, more detailed understanding of a particular market or trend, particularly in the case of emerging markets and trends.

While we routinely track a number of emerging markets to a certain level of detail, being able to make key strategic decisions requires a deeper level of insight and a greater precision of market intelligence.   To gain this level of depth and precision, we undertake focused research and analysis to generate a concise market profile for our clients.

This work is often a precursor to other work, such as Opportunity Scouting or Acquisition Scouting.   It provides the solid starting point and depth of insight required to determine what opportunities lie in a particular market, the best strategies to pursue, and/or exactly which new ventures are most aligned with your business.

We bring a well–informed and seasoned outside perspective to this research.   We are highly skilled – and very experienced – at helping our clients develop objective and actionable insights about the emerging world around them.

The Market Profiling Engagement typically follows these steps:

  1. We begin by listening to you so as to understand your current business challenge and the specific market of interest (if defined).
  2. We then undertake original research to dive into a particular market and sift through the thousands of details surrounding that market.   From this, we draw out the information that is of critical importance to you and sift out that which is not.   This research often involves some amount of field work, taking us to various places around the world.   These can include hubs of customer encounter, conferences and focused trade shows, and the general public marketplace.
  3. When finished, we prepare for you a formal Market Profile Report detailing our most important findings, including when, where, and how these may impact your business.
  4. We then travel to your office and present these findings and insights to your leadership team.   We can also lead workshops with any of your staff in order to work these findings deeply into their thinking and work.
  5. As desired, we can assist you with additional follow–on work, such as Insights Research or Opportunity Scouting.

To learn more about engaging us for Market Profiling, refer to our Discovery Engagement page.
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