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There are a number of key challenges that our clients regularly bring us.   Some are on the opportunity / business performance side.   Others are on the corporate innovation side.   Some are well defined, but many come to us wide open.

Here, we mention a few of these challenges.   Because of our experience and skill in the types of work we do, our work delivers for our clients the clarity they need to take action, and to do so with confidence.   And because we are objective, unbiased, and imaginative, we can deliver insights and solutions that are unfettered from the norms and status quo of business as usual.

The most common challenges seen on the opportunity / business performance front:

  • The hunt for new strategies to kickstart "hockey-stick" growth — particularly in stagnant and saturated markets.
  • The need for "right-to-win" go-to-market strategies for new business ventures, new brands, and new offerings.
  • The study, justification (qualification / quantification), and prioritization of specific business opportunities.
  • The desire to expand internal thinking around new opportunities and how to attack them.
  • The need to get in touch with your markets and your customer's "reason to buy".
  • Positioning & pricing strategies that resonate through proper market segmentation by customer outcome needs, motivations, and jobs.
  • Rectifying indistinguishable brands, ineffective marketing, and/or undifferentiated, commoditized offerings with fresh new Brand DNA (brand promise / brand message / brand language).
  • The need for new "right-to-play" business & market strategies to reverse customer attrition and/or revenue decline.
  • Recovery from failed product and service launches.

The most common challenges seen on the corporate innovation front:

  • The need for a sound, forward-looking, and properly-balanced Horizon 1 / Horizon 2 / Horizon 3 Innovation Strategy.
  • The need to transform the business' culture from a short-term to a long-term mindset.
  • The need for a high-functioning corporate innovation program uniquely customized to the business, involving the foundations, procedures, financing, enablers, engagement, and reinforcements needed to drive a sustainable innovation output.
  • The need for an effective innovation management process uniquely customized to the business and its market / industry situation, involving the mandates, roles, responsibilities, procedures, and mechanisms required for a productive innovation pipeline.
  • The need to turn around underperforming corporate innovation & innovation management programs.
  • The desire to assimilate new Growth Vehicles into the business, including Corporate Venturing, Open Innovation, and other partnerships.
  • The need to implement new mechanisms of engagement to foster widespread Intrapreneuring in the business.
  • The need to transform the workplace into one that more effectively engages Millennials  (the "Innovation Generation").
  • The desire to set up effective work spaces that inspire and facilitate innovation work.
  • The need to assess the business' current level of Innovation Maturity.

Sound Familiar?

If any of these challenges or needs resonate with your situation, we highly recommend that you give us a call for an exploratory conversation.

Let us see if we can help address your challenge and potentially crack open some new opportunities for significant growth.

We are confident you'll be glad you did!

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