Portfolio ALignment


Product and Service Portfolios, and their corresponding Product and Service Roadmaps, are the day-to-day lifeblood of any business. The point of having these Roadmaps is to inform the business when, where, and how to invest in evolving the portfolio so as to optimize the business' overall performance. This includes – from an innovation standpoint – knowing where to increment, where to pivot, and where to disrupt.

Every organization, therefore, must have solid alignment between their Portfolios, their Roadmaps, and their high-level business strategy. Misalignment produces wasted efforts and resources, as well as missed opportunities. Alignment, on the other hand, ensures optimal business performance and the opportunity to become and remain a market leader.

We have deep expertise in Product Portfolio Management and strategic alignment. Drawing from this, we work with clients to align their portfolios with their broader business, market, brand, and innovation strategies so that they can leverage innovation in the most effective ways possible.


The Portfolio Alignment Engagement typically follows these steps:

  1. We begin by listening to you in order to understand the challenges you seek to address, the specific outcomes you need, and the business, market, brand, and innovation strategies you are currently pursuing.   Where any of these strategies are ill-defined, we can work with you to first develop and refine them.
  2. We next work with your product management (or equivalent) staff to undertake a formal assessment of your current portfolio.   Through detailed analysis of relevant metrics, we work toward characterizing each section of the portfolio so that together we can understand its current state of alignment, where misalignment exists leading to waste, and where gaps exist (usually in offerings, attributes, and markets) representing untapped opportunities.
  3. We finish by making specific recommendations for portfolio changes aimed at adjusting the portfolio to optimally align with your business, market, brand, and innovation strategies.   This will include a range of adjustments, including, but not limited to, new markets and offerings, market and offering rationalization, and product design and attribute changes.   Based on your current state and end goals, we create new Technology, Product, and Service Roadmaps that define how to evolve your current portfolio toward these end goals.
  4. At completion, we prepare for you a formal Portfolio Alignment Report documenting in full detail our portfolio adjustment recommendations, as well as the new Technology, Product, and/or Service Roadmaps.
  5. We then travel to your office and present these recommendations and roadmaps to your leadership team.   We can also lead workshops with any of your staff to help disseminate the recommendations and roadmaps wherever needed.
  6. As desired, we can assist you in implementing these recommendations and roadmaps, including by developing new brand strategies or by developing new product, service, customer experience, and/or business model innovations.

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