Brand Strategy Playbook


As part of our Design Practice, we develop Brand Strategy Playbooks for our clients.

These are highly–detailed strategy playbooks that take place at the brand level. They can be used either for launching an entirely new brand, or for re-launching an existing brand.

A complete Brand Strategy Playbook consists of two critical components …

First, the Brand Strategy Playbook defines and documents the following brand attributes:

Second, the Brand Strategy Playbook establishes effective brand actuation and brand penetration strategies. These include the optimal strategies for brand positioning, brand design, and brand messaging, and all of the necessary tactics (pricing, marketing, etc.) needed to achieve successful actuation and maximum penetration of the brand in the target market.


Development of the Brand Strategy Playbook is based on our research into the market, your business, the products and services that are to be marketed under the brand, and the brand identity / brand experience your business desires to create and deliver.

In defining the brand attributes, the Brand Strategy Playbook examines the key strategic and existential brand questions involved.

This includes questions like… Who is our brand? What story is our brand trying to tell? Is that story coherent with the rest of who we are (or want to be)

In defining the actuation and penetration strategies, the Brand Strategy Playbook addresses the many tactical questions involved.

This includes questions like… Is the market we are going after a new or existing market for the business? Who are the target customers, either in terms of an aggregate persona (typical for B2C) or in terms of actual customers (common for B2B)? What existing market channels do we have to these customers and what yet needs to be developed? Which marketing venues are best suited for reaching this market… direct, print media, digital media, broadcast media, content marketing, event marketing, etc.? Does a brand in our existing portfolio fit this play, or is a new brand a better fit (meaning new brand development work)? What investments are required, and what is the expected payback?

In all of these questions, we strive – for each segment targeted – to truly understand the Customer Heartbeat, so that we know exactly where the emotional connections lie that will create resonance with the brand. These often revolve around key lifestyle or workstyle enhancements that customers place a high value on.

Ultimately, the Brand Strategy Playbook empowers your business to launch new brands and new offerings in the most impactful ways possible, maximizing your return on investment in the brand, and helping you to lock in the long–term relevance of your business in the marketplace.

The Engagement

The Brand Strategy Playbook Engagement typically follows these steps:

  1. We begin by listening to you in order to understand your goals and objectives for the brand.
  2. We then conduct the necessary research into the market and your business in order to establish how your desired brand identity and the offerings that are to go with it can best fit into this market.   We also pay close attention to how this fits with your overall business operation, including how your business may need to change and evolve in order to deliver on the intended brand experience.
  3. From the preceding insights, we formulate all the necessary strategies and tactics.
  4. When finished, we prepare for you a formal Brand Strategy Playbook detailing all of the pertinent brand attributes and brand actuation and penetration strategies.
  5. We then travel to your office and present the Playbook to your Brand Management leadership.   We can also lead workshops with any of your staff to help disseminate these brand strategies wherever needed.
  6. As desired, we can assist you in implementing these brand attributes and strategies, including by developing new product, service, and/or customer experience innovations.

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