As part of our Design Practice, we develop new product offerings for our clients and help them bring these to market. These products are intended to deliver an entirely new level of innovation when compared to what is currently on the market.

In this capacity, we provide both the project leadership and the full range of services needed to define, design, develop, and deliver new product innovations. To make this possible, we maintain and leverage a large network of world–class partners, each with a specific area of expertise. This is our Allied Partner Network.

Our team has decades of experience leading new product development inside some of the world's largest and best organizations. We bring in-depth knowledge of world-class innovation, development, and commercialization processes, from discovery to definition to design to development to validation and to final delivery. This makes us uniquely qualified to lead product innovation projects from start to finish.


For each project, we begin by establishing a clear understanding of your objectives and deliverables, as well as your constraints. Once we have done this, we create a Master Development Plan that incorporates all of the activities necessary to deliver on those objectives. Because we know which activities will add value and which will not – and thus which activities are best-suited to your project – we are able to develop the most effective plan possible. Also, since we custom tailor each project plan, you have a voice in the plan and thus in how and to what extent we leverage each activity. We ensure that the Master Development Plan is structured to stay within your budget and will fit with any complimentary organizational capabilities you wish to integrate into the process. We structure progression of the project according to a series of phases derived from the Emergent NPD Process.

Once we have agreed upon the Master Development Plan, we will initiate and lead the project from start to finish in turnkey manner. We execute the project using our Allied Partner Network, a broad network of some of the highest caliber service providers available, covering every aspect of NPD from front to back. This includes areas such as market research, branding, ideation and concepting, user experience design, human factors, industrial design, package design, technology applications, engineering, prototyping, validation, documentation, launch planning, and so on, down to final delivery. There is no area of product development that we cannot deliver and manage via our network.

Upon initiating the project, we select, enlist, and manage partners from each of these areas based on their expertise in your key markets. Because of our broad and seasoned experience in NPD leadership, we know how to assemble and lead the best team for each project, with each team being custom–matched to the particular needs of the project so as to bring the right skills to bear on the challenges at hand. We closely manage this team throughout the entirety of the project. Along the way, we orchestrate all resources, including your representatives, to establish agreement on market characterization, offering definition, and offering design, and to thereafter manage commercialization so that the final result is true to that definition. Throughout each phase of the project, we provide the leadership necessary to maintain momentum toward progressive milestones, keeping the project on track with its agreed–upon timeline.

To the extent possible, we prefer to start projects from ground zero – at their very beginning – and to take them to their logical conclusion. However we also realize that sometimes clients bring existing insights to the table that will influence how we address the project, and for this reason we remain flexible in our approach. In all cases, our objective is to help you deliver the products that enable you to lead your markets.


By selecting, enlisting, and managing the best partners from each practice area, we can do for clients what no one service provider alone can do — provide a complete soup-to-nuts service spectrum covering definition, design, and execution all using the highest caliber of talent available. This enables us to deliver world–class product innovations for our clients — something that cannot be easily achieved otherwise.


We employ the Emergent NPD Process for the research, conceptualization, definition, design, development, and commercialization of all new product innovations. This process ensures that a structured and systematic approach is followed and that all the work is carried out in an effective and robust manner. This process was developed specifically for product innovations, rather than line extensions as are most NPD processes.

or new product innovations, all eight phases of the Emergent NPD Process are used. These eight phases are as follows: for details on the work associated with each phase, select the corresponding link.

Phase 1: The Context — Characterizing the Market Environment
Phase 2: The Insights — Discovering User Needs
Phase 3: The Strategy — Speaking to the Market
Phase 4: The Experience — Defining the Desired Product Experience
Phase 5: The Path — Establishing the Design Strategy
Phase 6: The Plan — Crafting the Go-To-Market Strategy
Phase 7: The Execution — Engineering the Product
Phase 8: The Delivery — Building the Product

We manage the process of moving from one phase to the next using this process. Phases 1 – 6 are carried out sequentially but left "open" so as to integrate new insights gained throughout the process. In particular, the strategy work of Phase 3 is a "living" artifact that continues to evolve as it is informed by subsequent work. The last two phases – 7 & 8 – are led concurrently for maximum effectiveness and timeliness.


We offer a broad and comprehensive suite of NPD services either directly or through our Allied Partner Network. This covers practically everything associated with researching, conceiving, defining, designing, developing, prototyping, validating, documenting, packaging, branding, and commercializing new product innovations. To see the full suite of services we offer, refer to our NPD Innovation Services page.

Learn more about engaging us for the design and development of new product innovations.



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