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Workplace Experience seeks to answer the question of how businesses can operate in such a way as to fully unleash the creative and innovative potential of their workforce, yielding the greatest long–term benefit to the business. While this is a simple question, its answer is not a simple answer. It has many moving parts to it.

At Legacy Innovation Group, we have studied and observed thousands of organizations with respect to their workplace practices. And what we have witnessed time and again is that there are indeed — without a doubt — certain practices that clearly foster a culture and environment conducive to innovation. These same practices, and the cultures they engender, also lead to maximum individual and team engagement.

As a product of this work, we have distilled these practices into a highly effective framework that any organization can use. We call this the Experiential Workplace Framework, or XWP. More importantly, we continuously calibrate this framework to emerging social trends as they impact the workplace. Implementing this framework thus produces powerful steps toward creating a true culture of innovation and engagement within a business.

The Experiential Workplace Framework is structured into three groups, known as Mandates. These cover fifteen key areas, namely:

After years of organizational observation and study, we firmly believe that implementing this framework creates the best possible environment for seeding long–term business growth. In contrast, we have found practices contrary to this framework to be equally toxic to such growth.

We work hand-in-hand with businesses to understand and implement the Experiential Workplace Framework. In many cases, this is a multi-year journey consisting of progressive phases of change as they transform from a traditional industrial mindset & culture to a more post-modern entrepreneurial mindset & culture.

Thus wherever you are on this spectrum, and at whatever pace you need to make this transition, we can work with your organization to tailor a program of consulting, coaching, and training to get you there, when you need to get there. When done, your business will very likely look like a completely different organization. You will also be able to recruit, engage, and retain fresh young talent far more readily than before, which will in turn help your business ensure its ongoing relevance in the marketplace.


The Workplace Experience Engagement typically follows these steps:

  1. We begin by listening to you so as to understand your goals for workplace transformation and the motivations behind those goals.   We are also listening for your current struggles with culture, engagement, and growth.
  2. We then explain the Experiential Workplace Framework and discuss how it is optimally applied in different types of organizations.
  3. We then undertake a cultural and operational assessment of your organization, studying its current culture and workplace practices and how those are or are not supportive of your long–term business goals.
  4. As needed, we conduct workshops together where we explore certain aspects of your workplace in greater depth and detail.
  5. Subsequently, we map the practices of the Experiential Workplace Framework to your organization in order to establish and define new practices tailored to your business and how it needs to operate in its markets.
  6. Next, we map out an Implementation Roadmap showing you, in step-by-step detail, what needs to be done in order to transform your business from where it currently is to where it needs to be with the XWP practices fully embedded.   This gives you a clear plan of action for the steps that have to be taken to arrive at the intended end state of your "new" business.
  7. Finally, we share all of this with your team through a comprehensive Findings Report, and via face–to–face discussions around the findings.
  8. As needed, we can provide custom training and workshops around workplace experience and transformation so as to build an understanding and acceptance of it within the business.
  9. As desired, we can remain engaged with you throughout the implementation of your workplace transformation so as to help ensure it proceeds according to the intended objectives and is steered appropriately, including any mid-course corrections that may be needed.
  10. If desired, we can assist you in the search, vetting, selection, and onboarding of a Chief Workplace Officer (CWO) — a role that often keeps things moving in the right direction and prevents regression.

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