The Corporate Innovation & Innovation Management Course


Companies and their leaders need a clear understanding of exactly what innovation is (and is not) and the role it plays in driving market leadership and resilient growth over time. They also need a clear understanding of what it means to make innovation a core strategic competency in their business, and how to go about developing and running a formal Corporate Innovation program.

This 2 – 3 day course is designed to educate participants broadly on the role of innovation in business and how to leverage it for growth and market leadership by driving new market value that yields measurable returns for the business. The course also teaches participants how to set up and run a formal Corporate Innovation program and how to use Innovation Management as a system for managing the flow of new innovations, enabling them to systematically produce a steady stream of new products, services, business models, and customer experiences.

The course introduces participants to two of our key frameworks… the Responsive IE Corporate Innovation Architecture – a comprehensive architectural blueprint for making enterprise–wide systematic innovation a core competency, and the Market Stream Innovation Management System – a structured pipeline model for effective Innovation Management. These tools provide engaging models for learning and internalizing the concepts of Corporate Innovation and Innovation Management.

This course is intended primarily for staff who will be charged with leading and facilitating a formal Corporate Innovation program and/or Innovation Management efforts. It serves as the training manual for Corporate Innovation.


The Corporate Innovation & Innovation Management Training Engagement typically follows these steps:

  1. We begin by listening to you in order to understand your objectives, as well as your current level of organizational maturity in Corporate Innovation & Innovation Management.
  2. We then tailor our Corporate Innovation & Innovation Management Course to those objectives and deliver it to the assigned staff.
    This course can be tailored to executive, management, and line staffs as needed.
  3. We follow up by offering post–training support for subsequent questions that may arise.

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