When It's Time to Go Deep

Deeply allied with all three of our main practices, we offer a collection of highly unique workshops and events.

Several of these include fieldwork of one type or another.

All are aimed at creating a productive journey of growth and innovation for your business.

Our collection consists of five highly collaborative working events, all very unique from one another. Each has a unique purpose, follows a unique process, and produces a unique outcome. Some are geared toward executives, some toward management, and others toward frontline staff. All are highly collaborative, in that they involve our team and your team working side–by–side to produce tangible outcomes. Ultimately each event enables your business to uncover new insights and unlock breakthrough thinking around a particular challenge — whether that challenge is strategic in nature, or more tactical in nature.

Legacy Innovation Group is itself unique in that we offer such a broad and eclectic collection of workshops and events. Thus whatever the business situation, one of these events will be well suited to it.


A multiday open–ended excursion where we expose your business' top leaders to a broad range of new stimuli and insights, including lectures and discussions, debates, documentaries, unusual tours, exploratory trips, and so on. The objective is to open the eyes and minds of these leaders to what is going on very broadly around them at the bleeding edge of many fields. This exposure creates not only awareness, but more importantly, the chance to see it all "as one" and begin to connect dots in ways that will have an impact on the business in the days ahead. It let's them think about the "what if" possibilities that might just be "tomorrow's opportunities".


Executive Strategy Lab

A focused working session with your business' top leaders designed to challenge them to think critically about your business and the assumptions underlying it. In light of what they know about external realities and potential "bends in the road" ahead, they will be tasked with reimagining new possibilities for the business. This also gives them the opportunity to stress–test the company's mission and identity to see if those might survive imaginable future scenarios.


Business Model Expedition

A focused workshop where we lead participants through a 3–stage process of exploration, deconstruction, and reconstruction in order to establish a market's fundamental jobs-to-be-done, deconstruct the prevailing business model, and reconstruct a new business model that better resonates with new or emerging market realities. The produces a new business model design that once implemented makes for a very different looking business from what existed previously. Companies can use this tool either to completely reinvent themselves or to launch a new business separate from their core business.


Strategic Inquiry

A highly–collaborative project–oriented endeavor between our team and yours in which we use the appreciative inquiry process to discover new opportunities for your business. It can be around new offerings or the business itself (it is highly adaptable). Within the endeavor, we learn together by observation, testing of hypotheses, and creating ideas for new business models and offerings best suited for the market's and your company's needs. To this end, the endeavor is divided into three phases… Learning Inquiry, Testing Inquiry, and Creating Inquiry, and will include both exploratory (discovery) activities and creative activities.


Frontline Innovation Workshops

A hands–on / minds–on workshop that challenges teams to critically examine a specific area of the business (the "challenge") and its underlying assumptions so as to brainstorm possible new solutions. The workshop may involve innovation training so that participants can better engage the challenge through use of specific innovation methods. Frontline Innovation Workshops are typically led with a broad cross–section of the company's management and staff.


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