Executive Ideation


Many business leaders are in need of expert assistance with conceiving actual new ideas for growing their business… ideas that may not normally occur to them given their current viewpoints and paradigms.

As part of our Discovery Practice, we lead focused Executive Ideation (EI) sessions. These are focused hands–on / minds–on working sessions with the top leaders of your business that challenge them to critically examine the business' current state and the assumptions underlying the business so that they can begin to reimagine new possibilities around what might be the next stage for the business or a particular division, particularly in light of potential new "bends in the road" ahead. This can be leaders' (potentially rare) opportunity to stress–test the company's mission and identity, while also exercising their wildest imaginations and deepest creativity.

These are typically staged as 3 day events held at an off–site location away from your office.

We bring two very important assets to the Executive Ideation experience — deep expertise in the innovation process and the unbiased objectivity of an outside facilitator. Always, the end–game is to deliver actionable insights that your leadership team can use to adjust the course of your business toward accelerated growth and sustained market leadership.

One of the pivotal things we do prior to diving into new ideas is that we first challenge your team to peel back the layers of the onion in order to discover new ways of looking at your business' and markets' challenges and get down to their fundamental essence. We "reframe" the problem in order to get at the "problem behind the problem" so that we can ultimately figure out a truly impactful path for your business.

We custom tailor the EI experience to your business using a toolbox of techniques we have which borrow from fields such as Experiential Learning, Design Thinking, and Outcome–Driven Innovation (ODI). Some of the specific tools we use include observational and experiential field trips, trend & implication maps, desire maps, barrier maps, stakeholder maps, metaphor maps, use scenarios, storyboards, value–proposition statements, business model canvasses, and more. We employ those tools most suited to the challenge at hand so as to draw out the insights and the "a-has" we are looking for. Ultimately we want to help everyone connect as many dots as we possibly can. To this end, we will spend more time asking and discussing questions than we will proffering answers. This is the best way to have each business leader connect new insights together for themselves. You will find that many of the answers continue to emerge over time as you continue turning over the questions in your minds.

Executive Ideation is an executive–level expression of the Front End of Innovation.


The Executive Ideation Engagement typically follows these steps:

  1. We begin by listening to you in order to understand the specific business and/or growth challenges you wish to address.
  2. We then tailor the Executive Ideation session to that challenge and facilitate the sessions with your key business leaders.
  3. We follow up by offering post–event support for subsequent questions or needs that may arise.

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