Frontline Innovation Workshops


Many organizations are looking for expert assistance in leading their teams through workshops where they can brainstorm and vet innovative new ideas for the business.

As part of our Discovery Practice, we lead focused Frontline Innovation Workshops (FIW). These are hands–on / minds–on workshops that challenge your teams to critically examine a specific area of the business and its underlying assumptions so as to brainstorm possible new solutions. As needed, these workshop may involve some level of training in innovation so that participants can better engage through application of innovation methods to the challenge they are presented with. Frontline Innovation Workshops are typically led with a broad cross–section of management and staff.

Frontline Innovation Workshops are typically staged as 2 – 4 day events held either at offsite locations near your office or at special facilities you have designated for this purpose.

We bring two very important assets to the delivery of Frontline Innovation Workshops — deep expertise in the innovation process and the unbiased objectivity of an outside facilitator. Always, the objective is to deliver actionable insights that can be leveraged across key areas of your business.

One of the pivotal things we do is that we challenge your teams to begin not by thinking of new ideas, but by first peeling back the many layers of the onion so as to look at problems, needs, and challenges in entirely new ways… ways that redefine them at their core fundamental level (this is called "problem reframing"). We want your teams to get at the "problem behind the problem", as this is where real innovations will ultimately derive from.

We custom tailor the FIW experience to your business and to the specific audience level being addressed (executive, management, or staff). We do this using a broad toolbox of techniques we have which borrow from fields such as Experiential Learning, Design Thinking, and Outcome–Driven Innovation (ODI). Some of the specific tools we can use include observational and experiential field trips, trend & implication maps, desire maps, barrier maps, stakeholder maps, metaphor maps, random name generation, use scenarios, storyboards, value–proposition statements, business model canvasses, and more. We use those tools most suited to the business challenge at hand so as to draw out the insights and the "a-has" the team needs to connect as many dots as they possibly can. To this end, we will spend a lot of time asking and discussing questions. This is the best way to have each person connect new insights together for themselves. Your team will find that many of the answers continue to emerge over time as they continue turning over these questions in their minds.

Prior to running these workshops, you will first need to establish an Innovation Challenge for the workshop and an Innovation Strategy pertinent to that challenge. This will serve to focus people's thinking and efforts as they work their way forward toward increasingly more well–defined ideas and concepts. As needed, we can guide your leadership team through the process of developing a well–conceived Innovation Strategy for the particular challenge being presented in these workshops.


The Frontline Innovation Workshop Engagement typically follows these steps:

  1. We begin by listening to you in order to understand the specific innovation challenge you wish to address in the workshop (necessary to create the right focus and produce usable outcomes).
  2. We then tailor the Frontline Innovation Workshop to that particular objective and facilitate the workshop with the assigned staff.
    These workshops can be custom–tailored to work at the executive, management, or staff levels, as desired.
  3. We follow up by offering post–workshop support for subsequent questions and needs that may arise.

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