THE Delivery — Building The Product


The final step in realizing your new product is to actually build it and deliver it to its point of sale. This is the last in a long series of actions culminating in actually making a product to sell. It is the moment when your investment can finally start paying returns.

In preparation for taking the product into production, we maintain partnerships with an array of organizations that can handle Manufacturing Planning and Quality Planning, as well as the actual manufacture and assembly of the finished product.

Please note that our approach to delivering services is quite different from our approach to delivering products. For more insights into our service delivery approach, please refer to our Service Development page.

Manufacturing & Supply Chain Planning

Our network of Manufacturing Planning Specialists plan out the details of production lines and manufacturing processes, as well as those of the supply chain to support production. These Specialists work in collaboration with the Product Engineers to ensure that appropriate manufacturing processes are paired to the manufacture of each component and the final assembly in order to meet the specified product tolerances with high capability. Furthermore, these Specialists (often Manufacturing Engineers) use the Process FMEA approach (PFMEA) to undertake assessments of risks associated with the manufacturing processes and subsequently mitigate these risks using appropriate countermeasures, thereby maximizing the likelihood of producing high quality products. Other documents these specialist may provide include Work Instructions, Process Flows, and Visual Aids.

Quality Planning

Our network of Quality Specialists (Engineers and Technicians) develop the necessary plans for start–up and long–term quality assurance and control. These Specialists work hand–in–hand with the Product Engineers and the Manufacturing Specialists to ensure coherence between the design, the manufacturing processes, and QA measures. Their goal is to use easily verifiable means to get production up and running stably, and to ensure the final product continues to meet design intent year after year. These Quality Specialists will set up the appropriate process documentation, including such tools as Control Plans, Inspection Guides, Inspection Reports, and so forth.

Manufacture and Assembly (CMO)

Through our broad network of Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMOs), we can readily match up clients with a CMO having the manufacturing capabilities relevant to the new product's design. Though we are networked with a large number of capable contract manufacturers, we do not manage these resources for the client; those business relationships occur directly between the client and the CMO.

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