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Deeply allied to our Management Practice, we offer a series of training courses relating to growth and strategic innovation. Each course brings a certain element of strategic innovation to the classroom and delivers actionable insights that can be used throughout one's organization.

Each course is intended for a particular target audience — generally either executives, specialists, directors & managers, or front line staff.

At the conclusion of each course, participants are provided with certificates of completion for the course.

Where desired, courses can be tailored to meet specific needs your business may have.

In addition to our seven signature courses (listed below), we also offer the four courses formally certified by the Global Innovation Institute (GInI). If, following the course, participants choose to take the associated certifying exam, they can become certified in these areas.

"…one of the best innovation training providers in the world." — Director of Enterprise Architecture and Business Transformation, Dubai Customs

(see the Dubai Customs press release — certification provided under the Global Innovation Institute).

Press Release

Growth Strategy Course

An in-depth review of the tools of growth and how to leverage these to achieve targeted short, medium, and long term growth objectives. The course teaches the GR5 Roadmap to illustrate how the growth pathways are used to strategize hunting grounds, while a balanced portfolio of vehicles can be used to drive growth along multiple paths across all three time horizons.

Workshop Compliments: Executive Ideation / Strategic Inquiry


Corporate Innovation & Innovation Management Course

An in-depth study of how to make Strategic Innovation a core competency for driving sustained business growth. The course uses the Responsive IE and Market Stream IM models to explore the 18 elements of Corporate Innovation programs and the 6 stages of Innovation Management. A clear explanation is made of how these fit together to create a functioning, living environment for creative innovation and growth, one where a well–oiled flow of high–caliber ideas continually make it into the marketplace and have an impact on the business.


Business Model Innovation Course

In-depth training on how to use a defined framework and process to lay out fundamental market needs, critically examine how your business delivers value, and then conceive and design a substantially different business model that works very differently, turning industries on their heads and sometimes disrupting markets. The course teaches the Breakthrough BI as a framework for deconstructing and reconstructing business models, the Legacy Innovation Business Model Canvas as a tool for mapping out new business models, and the FB/IM methodology as a tool of critical inquiry.

Workshop Compliment: Business Model Expedition


Applied Design Thinking Course

An engaging exploration of the field of Design Thinking and its practical applications. This course is both broad and deep. It walks participants through the core philosophies and principles of Design Thinking, and then – very importantly – shows them how to use it as a process for understanding needs and opportunities and then conceiving and validating best solutions. The course introduces participants to a broad selection of Design Methods and explains which Methods are best used in each phase of the Design Thinking process.

Workshop Compliment: Frontline Innovation Workshop Strategic Inquiry Executive Ideation


Innovation–Driven New Product Development Course

An in-depth study of a novel process for new product development — employing eight phases of insight, strategy, design, and development to deliver products and services that raise the bar on delivering innovation. The course uses the Emergent NPD process to show how that when the right steps are woven into NPD the process itself can become an engine of innovation, greatly increasing the odds of market success from new offerings and new brands, and over time building market–leading portfolios.

Workshop Compliments: Frontline Innovation Workshop


Workplace Experience Course

An in-depth review of the role and significance of Workplace Experience in creating the right environments and mechanisms for fostering and sustaining innovation, growth, and market leadership in the current age. The course teaches the XWP Framework as a means of thinking about the three mandates needed to create workplaces that engage the generation we are now in. The premises of these mandates will stretch organizations and force them to completely rethink how "participants" are retained, engaged, and rewarded — turning 20th Century "Modern Management" on its head.


Startup & Entrepreneurship Course

Intensive training on the process required to define and build successful high-growth business ventures. This course walks participants through a detailed (but iterative) step-by-step process required to orient the new venture, find its problem worth solving and its unique value proposition, get it funded, and launch and scale it through iterative cycles of validated learning. Whether independent startup founders, intrapreneurs within an established business, or managers of incubators and accelerators, this course is invaluable in knowing how to methodically succeed with startups.

Workshop Compliment: Strategic Inquiry Business Model Expedition


GINI, The Global Innovation Institute

In addition to our seven signature courses, we also offer the four courses formally certified by the Global Innovation Institute (GInI). Following each course, participants can take the associated certifying exam and become certified.

The four GInI certifications are:


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