The Startup & Entrepreneurship Course

LEARNING TO Start Entrepreneurship

Those who aspire to entrepreneurial endeavors — whether independent or inside of established businesses — must understand what goes into defining and building successful new growth ventures. Likewise, leaders within established businesses who wish to launch corporate incubators and/or accelerator programs must understand these matters as well. Both parties have to understand the process, with its sequence of iterative steps, required to succeed in any new growth venture.

This 5 day intensive course teaches participants everything they need to know – from start to finish – to orient their venture, define its strategic intent, find the need it will tackle, study and reframe its underlying problem, ensure it is a problem worth solving, define breakthrough solutions and defensible business models for it, develop appropriate go-to-market and brand strategies, document and pitch the venture to investors, develop and launch their solution, and continue evolving the business through validated learning cycles with innovation accounting. These steps set up the venture to quickly achieve optimum product-market fit and thus the traction it needs to take-off past its runway so that it can grow and scale.

Our trainers have real-world experience in the trenches of launching and growing new business ventures – and the scars to show for it. Everything we teach comes from that knowledge, as well as from leading practices in use around the world, including Design Thinking, Blue Ocean Strategy, and the Lean Startup Method. We weave these together to create a highly engaging training event. The course uses our Startup Process Map as the tool for mapping the startup process from start to finish (well… there never really is a finish).

This course is designed for startup founders, intrapreneurs, and managers of corporate incubator and accelerator programs.


The Startup & Entrepreneurship Training Engagement typically follows these steps:

  1. We begin by listening to you in order to understand your entrepreneurial objectives, as well as any entrepreneurial activities you currently have in place.
  2. We then tailor the Startup & Entrepreneurship Course to those objectives and deliver it to the assigned participants.
  3. We follow up by offering post–training support for subsequent questions that may arise.

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