Most business leaders find themselves so buried in the daily pressures and demands of their internal roles that they're deprived of any opportunity to engage with the outside world in a meaningful way, certainly not in ways that liberate their thinking. They have no impetus or venue for gaining exposure to the external events and realities happening all around them in a myriad of markets, industries, and technologies. The result is that they often cannot see the bends in the road headed straight for them; they're flying with blinders on.

Legacy Innovation Group solves this problem by guiding business leaders on Moonwalks.

Moonwalks are multiday excursions where we take the group offsite and expose them to a broad range of new stimuli and insights. This includes lectures and discussions from subject matter experts, debate panels, watching documentaries, tours of unusual or relevant places, exploratory trips in a variety of environments, and so forth. The objective of the Moonwalk is to open the eyes and minds of these leaders to what is going on very broadly around them at the bleeding edge of many fields. This exposure to so many diverse "on-the-edge" insights creates not only awareness, but more importantly, the chance to see it all "as one" and begin to connect new dots together in ways that will have an impact on their business in the days ahead. It let's them think about the "what if" possibilities that might just be the next big opportunity for their business in navigating its next bend in the road.

We bring some very important elements to the Moonwalk experience. First, being constantly plugged into the happenings of the external world and to the broader trends in play, we are skilled at knowing how to piece together a program that will be highly relevant to your business and its leaders. Second, being ourselves (very) deep analytical thinkers, we are masters at knowing how to lead your team in conversations around the Moonwalk experience that will cause them to think differently about the world, their markets and customers, and your business. Third, we like to go deep (it's our idea of fun), and so we promise to make this a deeply engaging experience for everyone on the team.

Moonwalks are totally open–ended… not focused on any one specific business challenge. The reason is that the business challenges most leaders tend to end up working on are "today's business challenges". In contrast, Moonwalks are designed to start them thinking about "tomorrow's opportunities".

Moonwalks are typically staged as 3 day events held at remote locations well away from your office.

As a result of the Moonwalk experience, your leaders will come away with a mind full of fresh insights and pertinent things to ponder for months to come, as they continue to work out in their own heads how to piece together the external realities and the coming future world to create a useful mental model of the "world ahead" for your business. The Moonwalk is a high–return investment in the long term health and resilience of your business.

Moonwalks are an extreme executive–level expression of the Front End of Innovation.


The Moonwalk Engagement typically follows these steps:

  1. We begin by listening to you in order to deeply understand your business and its broadest goals for the future.   We learn as much as we can about your business, your culture, your markets, and in particular the leaders who will participate in the Moonwalks.
  2. We then set out to design a unique Moonwalk experience for your leaders (including the events, speakers, venues, and schedule details), and thereafter facilitate the experience with your selected leaders.   We can design and facilitate as many Moonwalk sessions as are desired… each with different venues and content from the others.   All will produce the same general result.
  3. We follow up by offering post–event support for subsequent questions or thoughts that may arise.

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